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Traveling, don't have the right kite size, trying to learn on your own?  Rent it.  Much in the same way if you borrowed from someone: you break it you bought it.  

Our rental program puts you in the game to get out and play:

- You will be charged the fair market value of the gear you rent during your rental time. 

- Upon return you will simply be refunded the difference of the fair market value and rental fee. 

- If there are damages and repairs needed your cost then will also include repairs in addition to the rental fee. 

- If damages exceed fair market value your rental fee will be waived and you will simply be charged the fair market value of the gear prior to your rental, in other words you bought it at the price it was worth prior to your rental.  As an example and in addition, if you split the canopy and/or blow out the leading edge you will simply buy the kite, if you break a board you bought it, if you tear a harness or wetsuit you bought it.  Naturally all this can be repaired but it will greatly reduce the re-sell value of the gear as well as remove it from the rental options.

The rental program is designed to give you the ability to enjoy this sport as it works for you.  Lakawa is interested in helping facilitate this for you.  The rental program allows this and naturally needs to cover the bases for a mutually beneficial experience.  Therefore, gear that is returned as unusable restricts our ability to maintain business.  Your rental program then includes the cost of rental and potential costs for damages as they arrise. 

Upon returning rental gear an inspection will be made including but not limited to you pumping up an inflatable kite, buckle inspection, line inspection, board and fin inspection, wetsuit inspection and the like.  Plan on making time for this to best satisfy your experience.  

Each item rented has a check sheet to include any existing repairs, scuffs, or otherwise items you will be accountable for.  Returning gear in condition other than onset of rental will result in charges needed to allow continued rental, this includes: wet, sandy, snow covered and packing fees. 

Because of the nature of this sport you will be required to show a valid ID which will be copied and sign a release waiver.  We also reserve the right to not rent to you.  It is highly recommended you become certified to use this gear.  Lakawa also has services to certify you. 

Now that the formalities are over, come and rent what you need!  We will work with you to help get you outfitted with the proper sized gear.  Questions?


$100 per day to rent a kite, $25/day a harness., $25/day kitesurf board, $40/day Surf board.  Price is all per day, not broken up by hr.  You pay for any repairs.  
- Canopy tear less than 1' $60 (includes pinhole)
- Canopy tear larger $100-$120
- Leading Edge tear $150 (plus canopy tear)
- Leading edge bladder hole or leaks including hoses and clips $150
- Strut bladder hole or leaks $90
- Line break less than 1' $60
- Line break greater $270 
- Broken leash $40
- Broken pump/hose/gauge $50
- Any broken components on control bar $150
- Any broken straps, buckles, spreader bar on harness $160
- Bag/backpack tears or breaks in buckle(s) or straps $60
- Kitesurf Twin Tips repairs on board, edges, scratches, fins, pads, screws stripped or missing $60-$1100
- Kitesurf Surf boards repairs on board, edges, scratches, fins, pads, etc $60-$1100

Use this guide to help assess cost of repairs.  Some repairs will need to be accumulated together based on the nature of whatever caused the damages. 

Purchase value of gear rented will be considered with price point prior to rental.  If gear damages exceed value of gear you may have an option to simply buy the gear.  Plan on 20 minutes upon return to prove gear condition, if not you will be charged the purchase value of the gear.  Deposit of $500 will be held on your credit card.   IKO or PASA certification strongly suggested fo rental. If you wish to be cerrtified we can for $75 by appointment.