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Crazyfly Golf Bag

Price: $159.99 - $174.99
Retail Price: $169.99 (Save $10.00)

Overview  -  Under 9 Lbs. both sizes!!

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Crazyfly LW Cruiser

Price: $684.00

Best option for learning, bigger peeps, and going upwind.  The larger the board the better!  

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Crazyfly Raptor LTD

Price: $869.00


The Raptor LTD has been CrazyFly’s top selling board since it first hit the ground. Every aspect of it screams: masterpiece! The simple and clean carbon design, the Gullwing Double Concave shape, and the ultra light weight all conspire to provide unbelievable performance for both freeriders and freestyle.
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Crazyfly Allround - Blem

Price: $514.00
Retail Price: $614.00 (Save $100.00)

One board that fits most all needs.

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CrazyFly Fin Set (4)

Price: $80.00

These fins are Razor sharp. We have designed them with very thin profile to cut easily through water, prevent drag and make the boards faster. Razor fins also provide flex to some extent, which allows for comfortable carving and  transitions. Lots of R&D has been put into invention of this incredible material. Razor fins are made from DuPont high quality polymer filled with fiber glass fibers. This material is also used in aerospace technologies and provides extreme durability, light weight and superior strength. Razor fins are supplied with all 2014 kiteboards.

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