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WMFG Pump 1.0T

WMFG Pump 1.0TWMFG Pump 1.0TWMFG Pump 1.0T
WMFG Pump 1.0TWMFG Pump 1.0TWMFG Pump 1.0T
Price: $59.00

Pump less. Battery operated pumps take maintenance, charging, and waterproofing. Smart to always have a pump around. PREMIUM STANDARD-SIZE/TRAVEL KITEBOARD PUMP Height: 20"/50.8cm (Industry Standard) Diameter: 10"/25.4cm Capacity: 2.3L/Stroke Tech and Features: Newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Single- to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure. Custom WMFG kite tether and hook, kite-tuned WMFG pressure gauge, integrated sand filter, premium high-flow and extra-durable hose with new threaded fitting, and the widest range of kite nozzles of any pump on the market make this the finest standard-height pump ever produced. Not recommended for inflation higher than 13 PSI. SUP nozzle sold separately.

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