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Snowkite Racing

Snowkite RacingSnowkite Racing
Snowkite RacingSnowkite Racing
Price: $30.00

Series of races throughout the Winter. Stay tuned for updates of conditions, parking, race format and results.
"Race" is a little bit of a misnomer since the idea is to invite all who are able and interested to gather in a unique format. Truly designed for the beginner who can manage their kite, to anyone interested in applying their kite skill in a Windward/Leeward course, up to the Elite racer. No need to discredit yourself; if you are skilled enough to fly a kite and go up wind your world is about to be opened. Those of you confident in your skills, get ready.
Kite racing is new. We've had good fortune of offering endurance races, equally as much fun. Employing your skills into a structured Windward/Leeward course "sharpens the saw" and awakens a whole new set of reasons why you like kiting. Admittedly, competition can be daunting. What makes this unique is the spirit already part of every kiter and how it grows as we all get a location, time, and format for us to enjoy the activity together. The initial races will leave you smiling as you begin to realize your skills in a new arena. The idea is to expand on what we already know and create opportunity to come together, more often.
Windward/Leeward courses immediately challenge the logic inherent in our minds as we grow to find efficiencies. Just like early learning is challenging (for all) while acquiring control of the kite and learning to get from point A to B and back, courses aid in your awareness of the best angles and how to maximize your power and speed along with spatial awareness critical to safe kiting. The series of races throughout the winter allow us greater opportunity to do more of what we enjoy and become safer, more proficient kiters.
The specifics involved can become a little much and will be provided in part below but in it's entirety within the body and/or attachments. Keep in mind the goal is to have fun, be safe, and enjoy. Watch how this format grows, better yet, register. You can also simply follow whomever is in front of you until you get the hang of it and feel ready to nudge your way up. (Don't sweat the small stuff, we'll all improve together).
Each race day $30. Gender and ski/snowboard categories along with an Elite division. Regatta format. Several course options to be determined day of each event. Points awarded per racer accumulate throughout series. Victory awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall in all categories as well as accumulative points at end of the series. Mass start with all categories at the same time. Elite course may include additional legs. Up to 4 races each day with each race taking ~15 minutes to 30 minutes. Numbered race jerseys for day of use, to be returned at the end of the race day (used for series).
ESAMPLE: Race Saturday Lake Waconia 10am to 10:30am registration, racers meeting 10:30am to 10:45am, races begin right away thereafter. Be rigged and ready to go by the time racers meeting begins. Rig outside of race course. Keep lines wound up, kites anchored and use caution as excitement and traffic are high. You are responsible for your own gear, watch out for others. Helmets required. Consider bringing cones or markers to help with visual aids of your gear.
Sponsorship available. Inquire for pricing and options. Gear and sales available. Lessons held either before or after races. Inquire ahead of time to get taken care of.
The cities involved throughout series are expressively interested in obeying local laws, trash, and parking requirements. City Council, Chamber of Commerce, DNR, and Sheriffs Departments all excited to see this happen safely and respectfully of other lake users and resources.
Race dates/locations/times subject to change. Registration fees reimbursed if event cancelled. Option to cancel event day-of if conditions unfavorable. Expect race to continue if winds register above 7mph. Whiteout conditions unsafe. We reserve the ability to delay start time up to 2 hrs. Greater detail on race series, points accumulation, and race rules in body to follow. Additional dates may be added.
Season ending awards ceremony TBD. Race results upon completion of event.
Remarkable interest in this. Same format international racers currently use. Prepare for a little learning, accept mother nature and hurdles that arise; let's be safe, be kind, and enjoy. I'm eager to get this started. Mike
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