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Ozone Connect Backcountry Harness

Ozone Connect Backcountry HarnessOzone SB Harness
Ozone Connect Backcountry HarnessOzone SB Harness
Price: $170.00
Retail Price: $220.00 (Save $50.00)


Ozone Connect Backcountry Harness
·          This comfortable harness, designed like a rock climbing harness, will not ride up. Lightweight yet strong, there’s plenty of padding for the back and leg straps.
Constructed using the finest nylon webbing and kite harness buckles, it’s the perfect complement to your Ozone snowkite.
·          Spreader bar attached directly to leg straps reducing spreader bar upward tilt.
·          Leg straps attached at a more ergonomic angle. Distributes vertical loads between the attachment point and leg padding without squashing the family jewels.
·          Adjuster webbing attached to adjuster buckle with 2:1, therefore 50% less load on plastic buckle.
·          Spliced Amstel back leash line or cargo attachment for towing sleds.
·          New stealth black print and embroidery.

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