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Mountain Kiting

Mountain KitingMountain Kiting
Mountain KitingMountain Kiting
Price: $400.00

Snowkite the mountains.  Discover amazing terrain and scenery under your canopy.  Lakawa Chartered Trips has been traveling the states in search of variety and conditions in order to find comfortable ways to cater to our interests.  With an abundance of locations to discover we have pioneered the variables in order to prepare you for another fantastic Lakawa Chartered Trip.  

Mountain kiting requires some gear.  Not only your kite gear but also cold weather gear.  We've selected locations that offer tremendous kiting playgrounds miles in size.  As anyone in the mountains will be keen to point out you're only as good as your gear.  We'll help you prepare for your needs from checklists and suggesttions to maximize your fun.  

This upcoming trip is $75/person per night all inclusive.  The food is incredible, the lodge is incredible, the kiting is incredible.  Our standard $300 charter fee paves the way for you to have local snowmobile support and location connection - because there are no roads here:-)  We also manage all the prep and portage.  We'll arrive together, kite together, and come home safely together.  Travel options are either meet us there or split the costs as we drive out (if there is room).  


Travel Dates Dec 1-7th 2014


Wyoming High Country Lodge

Latitude - Longitude:

Lat: 44° 49' 10.5738"
Long: -107° 51' 28.944"

2nd year of the Snowkite Summit.  


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