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Price: $39.99
Retail Price: $89.99 (Save $50.00)




1.) Slide in your device – Twist the clasps outward to open the DryCASE, and then simply

slide in the device that you would like to protect.



2.) Lock the closure shut – Twist the clasps inward to close and lock the DryCASE.

Position your device how you would like to use it inside the DryCASE. When you

remove the air creating a vacuum it will secure the device in place





3.) Pump out all the air – Simply squeeze the pump until you have removed all the

air and can’t pump it any more or draw air out with your mouth. After you have removed

all the air the DryCASE should

be tightly sealed around the contents inside and the pump should be completely flat.

You can now remove the hand pump and place the safety cap on.




Tips for Optimum Performance-

• If you want the DryCASE to be bouyant simply leave the buoyant neoprene armband attached.

•In addition to the hand pump you can also remove the air from your device by using your mouth.

Simply place your lips on the valve and evacuate the air until the case is completely sealed.

• The first couple of times you use the DryCASE it may stick to your device when sliding it in.

Simply fold a piece of paper in half and slide the device into the DryCASE inside the folded paper.

• One of the great features of DryCASE is that it’s completely clear on both sides.

Not only do you have full use of your touch screen or keyboard, but you can take photos as well.

Turn on your camera if you have a lens that expands before placing it in the DryCASE and creating

the vacuum seal, and start taking photos!



"The vacuum seal keeps the bulk down and the audio jack

is a great way to enjoy your tunes without the risk of

drowning your mp3 player"

Gadget_Review_Top_10_iPhone_Cases "Top 10 Coolest Cases For The iPhone 4"

"What sets DryCASE apart from

all the other waterproof cases out

there? It’s definitely the vacuum seal technology."

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