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Annual Kitesurf Gathering and race

Price: $25.00

Annual Summer Gathering and Kitesurf Race!  July 28-30th, 2017.  &  Campsite video Malmo Bay Campground

Bring your camping gear and set up for a weekend of kiting with everyone.  Last few years boasted 20-30 kiters from all over.  Wonderful community atmosphere with all sorts of shenanigans happening.  Demos (level 3+), OneWheels, Races, Camp fires, grilling, etc.  And as much kiting as we can handle!! (or Mother Nature throws at us)

Cost covers your tent and each rider.  Come experience an event we all look forward to annually.  Only a few Camper and Mobile home rentals available while they last.  Bathroom, outlets, and firewood included. 

Camp grounds beautifully maintained with shoreside camping for those first to arrive.  Campground has carved out shore side spots for us over the years and extending more of an offering for dedicated space specifically for us this year.  They also offer slip rentals $30/day and a couple free canoes for paddling the river across the road.  Over last few years they have been clearing pathways across the road to allow more options for use.  Last year this area proved to be a fantastic OneWheel riding challenge.  Excellent location we've enjoyed in the past, worth joining us this year.  

Race is Windward/Leeward with three categories: , Windsurf, Foilboard, and everything else:-)  Details presented prior to race at racers meeting, similar to Snowkite Race series we've held locally in the winter.  Racers Meeting 10am Saturday and Sunday at the camp site to discuss starting rules, course, and race start time.  

Our access is permitted as long as we aren't selling food:-)  

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