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flag bandana

Price: $20.00

Flag bandana

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Go Joe

Price: $69.99

Don't use a board leash. It might slingshot the board right at you. Use a GO-JOE to keep your board within your reach, fully visable, and safe.

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Golf Bag Wheelie

Price: $179.99

› Golfbag style quiverbag with wheels

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Golf Bag with wheels

Price: $179.99
Retail Price: $185.00 (Save $5.01)

Golf Bag

Travel Bag with wheels

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Price: $54.99

Protect yourself

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Inline Valve Adaptor w/Pressure Gauge

Price: $15.99

Inline valve adaptor with pressure gauge for measuring low pressure.

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Intro to Kiting

Price: $100.00

Intro to Kiting (Controlling the Kite) aka Ground School
This course covers the essentials to begin kiting. A bit of theory, and considerable hands-on experience. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the sport, and teach you about how and why a kite flys, how to generate power and maintain steady power as the wind fluctuates, safe flying practices, and different kite types. Our goal at the end of this class is to have you moving through the wind, generating consistent power from the kite, not dissimilar to riding on the snow or the water. This is a land-based lesson.

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ION B2 Boardshort Harness

Price: $189.00


Harness the power for your traction activities - seat style harness suitable for all land and water based activities.


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Price: $175.00 - $300.00

We provide the proper kite sizes for the winds that day and your weight.  All other gear is included like harness and control bars.  We use communication helmets and support boat to keep you safe and learning quickly.  We also create a legacy photo/video file to extend learning beyond your experience. 

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Leading Edge Bladder Replacement

Price: $60.00 - $69.00

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